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  • Bolu

    Training Facilities and Camps

    Bolu is one of Türkiye’s most enchanting provinces, located approximately halfway between İstanbul and Ankara. Bolu is famous for its dense forests, fauna, modern hot spring facilities, and some of the country’s best chefs. Bolu is one Türkiye’s best options for improving strength while training at a high altitude. It has an oceanic climate with cold and snowy winters and warm summers with cool nights. Unlike the low-lying, sheltered city center, many parts of the province, like Gerede, have a humid continental climate due to very cold winters. The mean temperature in January is 0.7 °C while in winter temperatures rarely rise above 12.3 °C and rarely drop below -15.0 °C. The mean temperature in July is 19.9 °C. In summer, the temperature rarely drops below 8.3 °C and rarely rises above 32.2 °C. Around Lake Abant, there are high-quality accommodation establishments and resorts that can be enjoyed after training sessions. In the coldest weeks of winter, Lake Abant freezes over and near the shoreline visitors can walk on its surface.