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  • Erzurum

    Training Facilities and Camps 

    Erzurum is Türkiye’s highest city, located on a plateau surrounded by mountain ranges and flatlands in the Eastern Anatolia Region. To the north of Erzurum there are Artvin and Rize, Bayburt and Erzincan lie to the west, Bingöl and Muş to the south, and Ağrı and Kars to the east. The city spreads along a wide area at the foot of Eğerli Mountain, which is part of Palandöken Mountain. Erzurum’s geography and natural conditions are advantageous for high-altitude training. It has cold summers and a severe climate in winter with snowfall. However, the number of rainy days in summer is pretty low. As a result of the local climate athletes do not experience the adverse effects of high temperature and humidity on their performance. On warm summer days, light winds from the northeast and east help alleviate the stress from the heat. The body’s adaptation to high altitude leads to the increase of the red blood cell (RBC) count by 30-50%. Hypoxic training increases the blood cells, hemoglobin, and enzymes in athletes and strengthens their muscle tissues. This, in turn, increases the performance and resistance of athletes in lower altitudes allowing them to reach their target fitness at the beginning of the season. In terms of suitable football fields, Erzurum has a total of 11 fields that are all up to UEFA standards.