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  • İzmir

    Training Facilities and Camps

    The third largest city in Türkiye, İzmir, historically known as Smyrna, is located on the shores of the Aegean Sea and on the west coast of Anatolia. A home to many civilizations throughout history and known for its rich and diverse culture, the city is one of the most livable cities in Türkiye offering its residents high quality of life and contributing significantly to the country’s employment and sports industry. İzmir offers training and match venues that comply with FIFA regulations. Regional teams like Karşıyaka, Göztepe, Altay, Altınordu, Bucaspor, and Menemenspor have their training facilities and match venues here. Altınordu Football Club’s Metin Oktay Campus, whereis located, has 6 fields that fulfill FIFA stipulations, a futsal hall, a fitness center, two beach soccer pitches, a striker and goalkeeper training area, administrative centers, a dining hall, and social facilities. The campus is located in Torbalı, İzmir and also hosts youth teams for international tournaments.