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  • Football in Türkiye

    Türkiye is a country of football lovers. The atmosphere at the matches played in Türkiye, which hosts a great variety of international football organizations, is known the world over. Our country is a camping paradise where all teams can easily find competitors, can train, and stay in the most luxurious facilities. The qualified personnel in these facilities, which host many UEFA youth tournaments and international teams’ special matches, will offer you a very different experience than that of a standard hotel. Additionally, the burden of transport due to the fact that in many countries camp areas are far from city centers is not a problem in Türkiye. İstanbul hosted the UEFA Super Cup in 2019 and will host the UEFA Champions League Final in 2023. Türkiye continuously shows the world its passion and operational capabilities by making regular investments in football. We invite you to work with the most professional teams at the highest quality facilities. Locations like Antalya, Erzurum, Trabzon, İstanbul, Bolu, Burdur ,Isparta, and Kocaeli attract football-oriented tourism with their accommodation facilities, football training fields, and match arenas. Here the weather is cool in summer and there are appropriate humidity, temperature, and oxygen conditions. For season training camps and fitness training in winter, it is important to select locations with mild weather, appropriate humidity and temperature, and where rain and wind factors are less dominant.